What do you need to know about import customs declaration? What is customs declaration? part 4

04 Nov 2022

By Nick Lung.    

This week we will talk about import control to echo the theme of last week – anti-dumping duties. In addition to levying anti-dumping duties, the customs will have different regulations for products in import control to achieve the first level of audit. Importers must follow the regulations when importing goods. to make an import declaration to avoid breaking the law and causing your own losses.


*What is import regulation??


For imported goods, according to the import and export regulations, if there is a control code marked in the input column, the relevant licenses must be completed before they can be released.


Common Controlled Goods:

1. Bureau of Standards and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Import regulations include C01 and C02 goods (such as home appliances, toys, etc.) The price of imported goods should not exceed US$1,000

If the amount of each declaration is less than USD 1,000, there is no limit to the number of goods to be inspected. Only 5 units of the same model can be imported within half a year. If more than 5 units are required to obtain a CO2 certificate, the same model cannot be cut for more than one year. 2 times.

2. Telecommunications Regulated Radio Frequency Equipment

The input requirements include 602, 803, 808 goods (such as laptops, mobile phones, etc.)

The two units can be cut with the Commodity Inspection Bureau for their own use certificate, but they need to be uploaded to the NCC for comparison before they can be released. Specification information]), more than two need a telecommunications passport license to release

3. Department of Health, Executive Yuan

Enter the customs clearance code for goods containing F01 and F02 (such as health food, candy, etc.)

A single capsule/tablet is limited to 12 bottles/6kg in powder form, which can be guaranteed and imported by yourself, and the import license of the Ministry of Health and Welfare is required for more than one type of capsules/tablets.


*What are the documents required for import declaration?


Bill of lading

Commercial Invoice

Letter of POA – Power of Attorney (POA) / Long Term Power of Attorney (LPOA)

Import Declaration (Declaration Form)

Packing list (more than two boxes, including two boxes need to be attached)

Others: Certificates of origin, import licenses, commodity inspection certificates, catalogs, manuals, bank slips, purchase certificates and other additional documents required for customs inspections are provided according to the customs requirements of incoming goods.

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