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A Transpacific Green Corridor is planned between the ports of Singapore, Los Angeles, and Long Beach

23 Nov 2022

By JR Chao      Photo:Amiel Joseph Labrador

C40 Cities and the MPA, in conjunction with Los Angeles, Long Beach, and the Port of Singapore (MPA), have begun discussions on the corridor that will use low and zero carbon fuels. COP27 is underway in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, and the US and Norway are supporting the Green Shipping Challenge, convened by them and launched this week.


One of the world's busiest shipping corridors will use green fuels delivered through three ports that plan to deploy low- and zero-carbon fuels, build bunkering infrastructure, and develop digital tools to make green fuels more accessible.


"Through this corridor, we hope to support the decarbonization of global supply chains, complementing efforts undertaken by the industry and the International Maritime Organization to drive the decarbonization and digital transition for international shipping," said Teo Eng Dih, Chief Executive of MPA.

LA and Long Beach are the largest gateway ports into the US, while Singapore is the top transshipment hub and second biggest container port in the world. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the maritime supply chain, and through this transpacific partnership, we can establish a network of ports and key stakeholders to decarbonize goods movement throughout the Pacific,” said Gene Seroka, Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles. Mario Cordero, Port of Long Beach Executive Director, commented: “Decarbonizing the supply chain is the future of our industry, and partnerships like this on the world's most significant trade route are critical for fulfilling that ultimate goal.”


Sea Freight in Shenzhen: 

The decrease in sea freight price in America's West coast has slowed down; however, the price in the East coast and the IPI (Interior Point Intermodal) are completely opposite. The prices are dropping dramatically. 

Yantian and Shekou ports eased the restrictions, the ETB-7 is now changed to 10 days. 

Air Freight in Shenzhen: 

There aren't a lot of needs currently and the air freight price has dropped slightly compared to last week.  



The bad news are the rates of the American lines are still dropping and Ningbo city seems to have COVID issue. Nonetheless, it didn't have effect as to the functionally of the Ningbo seaport. Beilun ports and the CFS warehouses in Ningbo are still functioning normally. Drivers are required to do a PCR every 24 hours and apply for health safety clearance. All that hassles need to be done and reviewed before going to the loading area one day in advance. 



Comparing to last week, the air freight cost to the USA hasn't gone up but slightly dropped down. The upside of this week is that the functionality of pick-up in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are stable and there is no any areas being lockdown. 



The American line rate is consistently dropping, and warehouse is still full. Even with the current situation, the drivers of the shipping company are still required to provide a proof of PCR within 48 hours. Furthermore, the drivers need to use an app to make a reservation before going to the LCL warehouses.



The market for this week's Xiamen remains dull. The price to America's Westcoast is only dropping slightly, nevertheless; the East coast is dropping significantly. 


Sea Freight in Tianjin:

Currently, the sluggish market demand remains, the volume of goods has plummeted, and the sea freight price has continued to decline. On Nov.16th, the MOL (Merchant Shipping Mitsui) "Rock Elite" ro-ro ship from the east coast of the United States slowly docked at the N15 berth of Tianjin Port Haijia Automobile Terminal. This is the first foreign trade ro-ro ship ushered in after the terminal was officially opened to the outside world. Tianjin Port has added a ro-ro terminal with all kinds of domestic and foreign vehicle operations, adding capability of the construction of a ro-ro transportation hub for international commercial vehicles in the north. 

Air Freight in Tianjin:

The quantity of goods is not much, and the US-Europe line still has room to decline.Ningbo Airport's fifth freedom rights cargo route successfully completed its maiden voyage, and Ningbo has become the second city in Zhejiang Province to open fifth freedom rights after Hangzhou. Ningbo ranks among the fifth open cities, which means that foreign airlines can stop at Ningbo Airport and load and unload cargo before shipping to third countries. "This will bring a large amount of international transit cargo to Ningbo Airport, greatly improve Ningbo's cargo distribution capacity, accelerate the construction of an international cargo route network and expand the global cargo market.



Due to the low market demand, freight rates have been falling for many weeks, and prices are still falling this week. In the transit aspect, for the drivers to use the highway, they will be required to provide a tested the PCR report within 48 hours. And in the import aspect, going to the loading the area, drivers also will be required to provide a tested the PCR report within 48 hours. To make things more difficult, they also need to wear a protective clothing and a surgical mask.


Sea Freight in Hong Kong:

On account of pandemic, the seaport is obstructed. Trucks, which travels both ways from Hong Kong to Shenzhen or Shenzhen to Hong Kong are limited and need to wait for permission. In addition, after unloading the goods, shuttling will be needed and that brings the cost up.

Air Freight in Hong Kong:

The air freight market in Hong Kong is low, not many cargos are in the market and there are lots of space remaining. 



1. Three Vietnamese seaports in the top 100 largest ports in the world. Three Vietnamese seaports have just entered the top 100 largest container ports in the world, namely Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City and Cai Mep. 

The ranking is published by the British maritime magazine Lloyd's List. Ho Chi Minh City seaport ranks 22nd in the list with throughput of 7.9 million Teus in 2021 and growth rate of about 1.3% compared to 2020. This is the port that maintains its position in the context of the country's economic growth is still slow after the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Hai Phong seaport holds the 38th position, with an annual output of 5.69 million Teus in 2021, an increase of about 10.8% compared to the 2020 pandemic.

The most impressive increase was Cai Mep port when it rose 10 places to 32nd place in the ranking. Cai Mep seaport has a throughput of 5.32 million Teus in 2021. Cai Mep port is considered a bright spot in Southeast Asia with a post-pandemic growth rate of about 22%. In addition, these three seaports of Vietnam are also in the top 10 seaports with the largest port traffic in Southeast Asia.


2. Crisis of excess containers when consumer demand declines. Contrary to the unprecedented shortage of goods at the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the global economy is now facing a new challenge as containers are filling up at seaports. According to CNBC, not only are containers at the port more and more, but empty or canceled vessels are also increasing, even though the biggest shopping time of the year is Christmas is approaching. “Consumer demand is declining due to concerns about factors such as recession and inflation,” a spokesperson for Container x Change told CNBC. “The significant drop in cargo demand led to a corresponding decrease in transport demand and a corresponding decrease in global container demand.” The fact that too many containers are left in the yard is a sign of declining global consumer demand and an impending economic recession.

Sea Freight in Thailand:

The ocean rate is slightly down.  Port omit and blank sailing still occur till next month. The delay 3-5 days from origin port.  

Sea Freight in Thailand:

The airfreight rate maintain but surcharge update every 15 days. Some decreases and some increases depend on route and carrier.                                                                

Oman Airlines operation direct flight form Masqat to Phuket 4 flight per week and daily flight to Bangkok and will operate double flight per day in the future.

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