Highlight News-The empty container shortage in China which expected to be lasting to next April 2021

14 Dec 2020

By Arthur Chen

The empty container shortage in Asia, particularly in China, is a "on-going" drama which expected to be lasting to next April 2021. Even though liners have enlarged the containers purchasing and renting these few months, the huge demand of Christmas, new year sale and needs by working from home in the Europe and North America as well as personal protected equipment (PPE) large movements from Asia keep on pushing up the strong demand far beyond supply of containers used. Liners are pushing importers in China to return empty containers after pick up from ramps by adding more surcharges, raise up demurrage/ detention fee, shorten free time etc.. On the other hand, liners keep on rejecting to accept bookings of agricultural goods from USA to China which already led FMC taken legal action against liners. From several liners announcement these days, they will impose new GRI around USD 1,000/FEU from Jan,2021 ex Asia to North America and Europe. The ocean transportation made this winter like boiling water which shall impact all consumers suffered in the end by high living expense in 2021, especially vaccine has not yet worldwide in place.

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