Theft of ships passing through the Philip Channel in the Singapore Strait has increased.

15 Nov 2022

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According to Singapore's Information Fusion Centre (IFC), there have been eight accidents in the Philip Channel so far this year, compared to three in all of 2021. The number has increased noticeably in October, with three of the eight cases occurring since October 1.


Four of the eight occurrences involving seven bulkers and one tanker were successful, while the remaining four were not.

"All of the instances occurred during the hours of darkness, and no confrontations or injuries were recorded in any of the incidents." "Some engine components and equipment were reported taken in 50% of the occurrences," according to IFC.

Based on previous trends, IFC predicted that opportunistic boardings in the Philip Channel would continue in the months coming up to the holiday season.


The events featured three to six culprits who avoided confrontation by leaving as the team spotted them.

The same gang of culprits may attempt to board more than one vessel at the same time. "Vessels are advised to report any sightings to local authorities as soon as possible in order to avoid further boarding attempts," the IFC added.

In recent years, the bulk of armed robberies in the Singapore Strait have occurred in the eastbound lane near the Indonesian islands of Batam and Bintan. ReCAAP ISC recorded 19 of 27 occurrences in the busiest shipping route in the first half of 2022 in this location.

Sea Freight in Shenzhen: 

The decrease in sea freight price in America's West coast has slowed down; however, the price in the East coast and the IPI (Interior Point Intermodal) are completely opposite. 

Yantian and Shekou ports eased the restrictions, the ETB-7 is now changed to 10 days. 

Air Freight in Shenzhen: 

There aren't a lot of needs currently and the air freight price has dropped slightly compared to last week.  



Beilun ports and the CFS warehouses in Ningbo is back to normal functioning. Drivers are required to do a PCR every 24 hours and apply for health safety clearance. All that hassles need to be done and reviewed before going to the loading area one day in advance. 


Sea Freight in Shanghai: 

Even though there are signs of decreasing, the sea freight rate is a lot stable now. The hope is to wait until Christmas, and see if there are chances of increasing.

Air Freight in Shanghai: 

Comparing to last week, the air freight cost to the USA hasn't gone up but dropping down. The upside of this week is that the functionality of pick-up in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai is back to regular.



The American line rate is consistently dropping, and warehouse is still full. Even with the current situation, the drivers of the shipping company are still required to provide a proof of PCR within 48 hours. Furthermore, the drivers need to use an app to make a reservation before going to the LCL warehouses.



The market for this week's Xiamen remains dull. The price to America's Westcoast is only dropping slightly, nevertheless; the East coast is dropping significantly. 


Sea Freight in Tianjin:

On the account of dull season, the sea freight rate to the US is dropping and there are lots of empty space. On the other side, due to the shortage of ships to the Middle East, the price has increase considerably. 

Air Freight in Tianjin:

The increase or decrease of the overall volume is not obvious. The only thing to keep in remind is that exporting from Benji, the booking needs to be done in advance. This is due to the shortage of flights to the US. 

There is a report that Air Serbia plans to carry out the Belgrade-Tianjin round-trip passenger route from December 10. The schedule is Saturday inbound, Sunday out, and one flight per week.



In the transit aspect, for the drivers to use the highway, they will be required to provide a tested the PCR report within 48 hours. And in the import aspect, going to the loading the area, drivers also will be required to provide a tested the PCR report within 48 hours. To make things more difficult, they also need to wear a protective clothing and a surgical mask.


Sea Freight in Hong Kong:

On account of pandemic, the seaport is obstructed. Trucks, which travels both ways from Hong Kong to Shenzhen or Shenzhen to Hong Kong are limited and need to wait for permission. In addition, after unloading the goods, shuttling will be needed and that brings the cost up.

Air Freight in Hong Kong:

The air freight market in Hong Kong is low, not many cargos are in the market and there are lots of space remaining. 



1. Deep-water port in Hai Phong welcomes 1 millionth TEU in 2022.

On November 9, in Hai Phong, Tan Cang Hai Phong International Container Terminal (TC-HICT) of Saigon Newport Corporation held a ceremony to welcome the 1,000,000th Teu in 2022 (equivalent to 25,000,000 tons of cargo). cargo) on board Maersk Copenhagen on the trans-Pacific service TPX of Maersk shipping line.

This event is a memorable milestone for TC-HICT, affirming the prestige and brand of one of the leading deep-water ports in Vietnam. 

This is also an event that contributes to helping foreign investors feel secure when setting up factories in Hai Phong and the northern provinces because it will reduce logistics costs because goods can be transported directly to the US and Europe. 

Currently TC-HICT is the first and only deep-water port in the North of Vietnam and one of the top seaports in the world that can receive large vessels. TC-HICT's cargo handling capacity reaches 100 containers/hour.


2. It has been a norm for the Global Container Spot Rate Indices to have weekly falls in rates, one after the other, ever since February 2022.

The next year doesn’t look to be shiny either with GDP estimates for the United States, European Union and China, along with the developing world reported being low.

Sea transport firms are going through a tough time as weak demand has begun to hamper maritime trade and freight rates are expected to fall towards Q1/2023.

_________________________________________________________________________________Air Freight in Thailand

The air freight still maintain. The petroleum prices fluctuated recently, the fuel surcharge will increase such as EVA will increase fuel surcharge for general cargo ex Thailand to USA/Europe and Australia effective on 16 Nov 2022. 


Ocean Freight in Thailand:

The vessel delay around 2 week is occurred. The steamship lines have announced of blank sailing and skip still happened. 

The port and customs close on 16 November – 18 November as a special public holiday. Only in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan provinces during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC Summit 2022) and related meetings hosted by Thailand in which 21 member countries and economic zones participated in this meeting.

To provided services for loading, unloading, and transporting goods or container during this period, it was in order. The shipping company, ship agent and cargo owner who wish to load or unload, advance request must be submitted by 2.00pm on 15 November and port will provide the staff and labor together with tools for service.  However, if the shipping company, ship agent and the cargo owner does not request in advance then port will not operate on the said date and time.  For customs process, need request in advance then the customs officer will provide you as per advance request. This period only does general goods, any restricted goods cannot do customs on this period due to the office of restricted goods do not provide the service. This is included customs process at Suvarnabhumit International airport. For the Chiang Saen Commercial Port Authority, Chiang Khong Port, Ranong Port and Laem Chabang Port still operating normally. 

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