Ocean freight market rate in week 13

29 Mar 2021

By Richie Lin

This week FCL market rate keeps the same as last week and will be valid till March 31th.

  • Asia main ports to WCUSA USD 4000~4300 per 40GP; to ECUSA USD 4700~5300 per 40GP; for IPI points of USA is USD 6200~7000 per 40GP
  • to Europe main ports and W. Med USD 8500~9000 per 40GP
  • to WCSA USD 7600~8200 per 40GP; to ECSA USD 6600~7200 per 40GP

Carriers are expecting to increase the rate in April because port congestion happening in USA and the block happening in Suez Canal will not be eased in the short time.

The congestion happening in Los Angeles and Long Beach is still causing problems. Average waiting time for berthing is around 2~3 weeks compared with 3~5 days before the Covid-19. Combined with block happening in the Suez Canal, the choke-up in the supply chain would be worsen in the future. The pro-longed higher freight charges and shortage of containers will make manufactures and retailers to increase the price of products reluctantly and will eventually damage the economy.

Airfreight market rate in Week 13:

The airfreight is updated each week to match the market situation.

  • PVG/SZX/HKG/TPE to LAX USD 8.40/kg, to ORD USD 9.0/kg, to JFK USD 9.0/kg.

We are expecting the airlines will increase airfreight rate next week because the Easter holiday is coming and flight capacity is still not enough influenced by pandemic and the block in Suez Canal.

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