China-Europe rail : No any space available in the coming 45 days, the freight rate is expected to be double as from next January

21 Dec 2020

By Eric Huang

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Is the Sino-Euro Rail the saver?

There is indeed a phenomenon in global shipping market this year. No matter in which trade lane, the space and equipment issues are both critical and hard to see the end for the moment.

The Sino-Euro rail service might be a good idea as the alternative solution from China to Europe. The trains call at several main stations in the continent and can reach most of the European cities by local transportation. The operators can provide the picking up and delivery service at both ends. The transit time is around 15 to 25 days from China main stations to the heart of Europe. In November 2020, the volume increased 64% compared to the same period in 2019. It sounds like the saver during this chaos period. However, this rail service is also suffered by the space ad equipment issues at this moment and there is no any space available in the coming 45 days. The freight rate is expected to be double as from next January and seems following the same track as air and sea freight in the near future.

For now we can’t see any development before the end of February 2021 at least. May God bless all of us!





Photo:James Wheeler,Link:Pexels

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